Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our CMS website comes with the latest software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site. The admin console of our software is made so simple that almost any person can edit the contents of their website. It enables you to edit photo gallery, update the contents of the website, and send newsletters

We offers two kind of Content Management Systems

Design Rich Custom Pack – ASP.NET
Custom built solutions built & coded as per the requirements. Such a process takes up to 7 Weeks to complete

Costlier than option 2.
Bespoke design infused
Works on query methods
Testing need to be included in the process
High user interaction is required
Time consuming process

Feature Rich Open Source Pack
This package can be built at pace, heavy feature rich cost effective sites will go live and running in days instead of weeks.

Cheaper than design package
More features than the custom designed sites.
Easy to use Admin Panel
Site is up and running in few days
Design should be compromised & no design changes once the layout is finalised.

Main features of CMS:
Mobile Optimized: By 2014, more people will visit your website via mobile phone than a computer. If your website is not mobile phone optimized, it is worthless to have one. Sorry it is a bit harsh, but it is true.

Newsletter Facility: Send special offer vouchers, coupons and notifications to 100’s of your valuable customers in a Single mouse click. Provided you follow our guidance and fill the database with the necessary information. Full instructions and training are provided at no extra cost.

Content Management System: Update your website content with the CMS Management tool provided. Keep your website and customer relationship updated every day

Google Analytics: Receive information about your Online Traffic. Know how many people are watching your website on the internet and for how long!

Feed back: Know Feedback and Response: Know what your customers say about you. Display positive comments on the Internet and deal Negative comments internally.

Facebook Share: Facebook Share and Like integrated in to support Marketing Campaigns.

Our solutions saves your money: Save 100’s of pound in the future on leaflet printing and distribution. This is easy, provided you follow our guidelines to improve customer service. Letting customers know about you and your offers via Social media sites and Emails does not cost a lot!