Content Management System (CMS)


ur CMS website comes with the latest software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site. The admin console of our software is designed to accommodate those users as well who may be lacking in technical knowledge. This will allow simplified procedures that can be used by our clients to edit photo gallery, update the contents of the website, and communicate with the visitors to the website.

Content Management Systems from UAD

Custom-made Application

WordPress, Joomla based Application

TNET Content Management Software

e have formulated our expertise and experience in to a unique product TNET, which has been successfully installed and is currently used  by many organizations in the UK.

TNET – features & benefits

  • Send special offer vouchers, coupons and notifications to 100’s of your valuable customers in aSingle mouse click. Provided you follow our guidance and fill the database with the necessary information. Full instructions and training are provided at no extra cost.
  • Update your website content with the CMS Management tool provided.
  • Keep your website and customer relationship updated every day.
  • Receive information about your Online Traffic. Know how many people are watching your website on the internet and for how long!
  • Know what your customers say about you. Display positive comments on the Internet and deal Negative comments internally.
  • Use the special Loyalty card to ensure your customer and their friends return!
  • Save 100’s of £ in the future on leaflet printing and distribution. Provided you follow our guidance and saturate your database.
    Presence in Social Networking sites is offered.
Your static website and leaflets will not boost your business and depending on them any more will throw you out of competition!!
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