IT Consulting

ERP, BI & PM are not meant only for Corporates!

U A D advanced IT consulting division, we believe in dedicated service and high end product accessibility for all our customers regardless of the size of their organization. We strive to bridge the gap between high end corporate solutions and their usage in SMEs. We strongly believe in the core principles and standards that guide the way clients do their business. Our Consulting service is clearly based on PROVIDING SOLUTIONS, NOT RAISING CONCERNS over the business aspirations of the client.!

How We Differ


ather than sticking on to the conventional Waterfall model, we have an improvised model to follow. An additional stage ‘Research and Standard Assessment’- Provide more innovative product specifications, leading to the smooth flow of the project.


Business Technology Consulting


ur business consulting team suggests only the best possible solution which can improve your business. Our products and service range begins from web design to latest in trend business intelligence solutions, which is the next generation technology to extract the best possible information from your business for your business.

If you have the desire to achieve and make things happen, then, we are always there to support you.

Talk to one of our expert consultants, realize the hidden potential of the trade and expand it beyond expectations.