Project Management

Overcome the constraints of time, budget and resources.

AD Project Manager is a software application which helps you organize your work with milestones, tasks and sub tasks. Every features of the software is designed to give you a deep insight of the project and work flow. The charts and pie diagrams clearly provide an exact picture of the status of each job. Effective communication is made sure by features such as Shouter. Team participation is guaranteed by including social media presence in the software. Software is adaptable to Cloud servers and hence grands extreme Performance. Meeting deadlines, achieving targets are all starting with Proper Project management.

Main Features of PM

  • Blog – Share ideas and receive email notifications when others post.
  • Notebook – Collaborate on documents, compare revisions, and print when you’re done.
  • Case Tracker – Create and manage projects within each of your groups.
  • Calendar – Add events and pull in feeds from other calendars.
  • Shoutbox – Share messages and links with just the people in your group.
  • Dashboard – See a snapshot of all the activity across your groups.